Sustainable Business Development

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  • 19.900 Euro
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The 4 semester (incl. Master Thesis) MBA program Sustainable Business Development is specifically focused on the identification and evaluation of new growth opportunities and on using the right methods for successful implementation in this constantly changing world. As might be expected in these turbulent times, many companies are largely focusing on maintaining business continuity, especially in their core. However, more than ever it is essential to prepare companies - from start-ups, small and medium-sized enterprises to internationally active corporations - to set on innovative and sustainable business development in these times of crisis. Working on it today is the key to unlock post crisis growth and to be ready to answer questions of tomorrow (digitalization, climate changes, energy crisis, consumer needs and behaviors, etc.).

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The MBA program is an application-oriented master’s course aimed at a working and professionally experienced target group from the areas of corporate management, business development, strategy, innovation, IT, sales, marketing, product and services as well as supply chain of all industries.

It consists of a four-semester program and is designed to be studied while working.

Besides the general management training, it focusses on three key areas:

Business development

You will learn to identify and evaluate trends and new business opportunities. You will expand your knowledge and competencies in areas such as innovation management, stakeholder and relationship management, international digital marketing and business unit development including strategic partnerships as well as mergers and acquisitions.

Sustainability and digitalization as drivers of transformations

Sustainability and digitalization are of crucial importance throughout the whole program. While various modules provide theoretical knowledge, a clear focus of the program is to convey the connection between business decisions from an economic point-of-view with the environmental and socio-cultural perspective in order to move towards a circular economy.

You will learn how to design and apply processes to make use of the exponential data growth (data economy) when it comes to business decisions. Digital innovations and transformations not only require the transfer of specialist knowledge, but also require the strengthening of judgement abilities and personality development.

Systemic management approach

You will learn various ways of applying systemic thinking and approaches to improve and make decisions in complex systems even within an environment of high uncertainties. You will develop transformative management skills and competencies to actively drive change no matter if its culture or technology based. The curriculum is enriched by communication trainings, leadership modules and an interactive simulation which allows you to apply the acquired knowledge, carry out relevant analysis and derive business decisions.

Zugangsvorraussetzungen & Studiengebühren

Entry Requirements & Costs

Admission requirements include a first academic degree (minimum 180 ECTS) and at least one year of professional experience. Since the program is conducted exclusively in English, good language skills (B2 level) are essential.

Application deadline for candidates with national and foreign degrees: July 15th (each year)

Applicants without a first academic degree need to pass an aptitude test. Application deadline: February 15th (each year)

The total cost of the two-year part-time program is 19,900 € plus semester fees.

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